STEP-1: Register

  1. First of all Register yourself by Clicking on REGISTER NOW button
  2. After the registration you will get the TEAM ID like 'RZFE-IITG-XXXXX' format. Please keep it for future assistance.
  3. Multiple Registration of Same Team will be treated as Disqualified.


After the payment you can download your entrypass. To Download your entrypass CLICK HERE

GRAND FINALE EVENT : Line Follower with LCD Display & 7-Segment Championship


The objective of this contest is to complete the track in the shortest period of time while accurately tracing the line from Start to Finish.

General Rules:

  • All participants must carry their Event Entry Pass all time.
  • All participants must bring their own Robots.
  • Robot must have passed inspection prior to the competition.
  • Time will be counted from starting point to finish point. A robot is deemed to have crossed the line when the forward most wheel, track, or leg of the robot contacts or crosses over the line.
  • Robot can be powered up by using an on-board rechargeable battery or external DC power supply. Power supply should not exceed 12V in any case.
  • 12V Battery eliminators/Adapters will be provided at the event. It is the responsibility of the team to properly handle the wires when operating the bot with external power supply.
  • A maximum time of 3 minutes will be given for a robot to complete the track. A robot taking time more than 3 minutes will be disqualified.
  • Timekeeping: time shall be measured by an electronic gate system or by a judge with a stopwatch, based on the availability of equipment. In either case the recorded time shall be final.
  • Losing the Line: any robot that loses the line course must reacquire the line at the point where it was lost, or at any earlier (e.g. already traversed) point.
  • Skip Rule: A maximum of 3 skips are allowed, in which a participant can pick up the bot from where it loses the line and can keep it on the line not exceeding 10 cm from where the bot loses the line.
  • Manual touch other than used for skip is not allowed if robot is touched manually it will be counted as a skip.
  • Skip Penalty: 10 Second penalty for Each Skip.
  • Robots have to stay on the ground. Thus they may not fly or jump.
  • Robots must not damage the tournament area/arena.
  • Energy sources like springs, compressed-air etc. are not permitted. Combustion engines are not allowed because of noise and exhaust gas.
  • All kinds of weapons (saws, lasers, electroshocks, hammer) are strictly forbidden.
  • Claims because of changing lighting conditions in the room or flash lights of photographers won't be accepted. Participants have to face these "disturbances".
  • Equipment which harms or disturbs another robot (e.g. jammer, light flash, interfering ultrasonic or infrared transmitter) are forbidden. Disturbances or assistance caused by intervention of humans during a competition are forbidden, as well.
  • Marks are allotted according to the Mark Evaluation Scheme.

Mark Evaluation Scheme: Total 100 Marks

  • If it follows the line from START point to END point: 40 Marks
  • Making and Design: 20 Marks
  • If it displays how much time it has taken on 7 Segment Display: 20 Marks
  • If it displays UNIQUE TEAM-ID of participating team on LCD display: 20 Marks

BOT Specifications

  • Robot has to operate autonomously and should not be remote-controlled. All systems (like sensors, power supply, data-processing and control-systems) have to completely reside on the robot.
  • Robot should fit in a box of dimensions 30cmx30cmx30cm.
  • Robot should have an easily reachable emergency stop button which interrupts the power supply of the actuators. On demand of the jury or in imminent danger, a team member has to stop the robot immediately.
  • Robot can have 7 segment displays on it to display how much time it has taken to traverse the line.
  • Robot can have LCD Display to display UNIQUE TEAM-ID of participating team.

Course Specifications

  • The line following course consists of a white colour background with a line of black colour (3 cm width).
  • There shall be a starting area at the beginning of the course and an exit area at the end. The line course starts inside the starting area and ends inside the exit area.
  • There shall be crossovers (e.g. places where the line crosses itself)
  • The line course may have 1 or more sharp right-angle.

* The decisions of all officials regarding these rules and the conduct of the event shall be final.
* All rules subject to change without notice.




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