About ROBO-ZEST'17

ROBO-ZEST'17 is the largest Robotics Workshops Series cum Championship that is conducted by RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and this year the final round of ROBO-ZEST'17 is a robotics workshop series cum championship in search for Super RoboMinds.

Mankind has long been fascinated by robots and some of these sci-fi fantasies are soon becoming a reality. Intelligent robots capable of performing a variety of activities will play an integral part in the lives of future generations.The idea of building a robot, capable to match the avenues of a man has always been under significant research by the Homo sapiens. ROBO-ZEST'17, in association with RoboSpecies Technologies presents the largest Robotics Workshops and Championship, giving the tech-savvy minds a chance to create their own autonomous bots that can follow a prescribed path in the least possible time. Adding to the complexity, various hurdles such as broken lines and misguided paths would be incorporated, testing the stability and sensing capabilities of the robot to the maximum. So gather your tools and solder your ideas, as ROBO-ZEST'17 presents you with a splendid opportunity to assert your technical supremacy over others.

Each year a different problem statement is released by the host company with the details of the tasks to be performed and complete outline of the rules to be followed. Each task is associated with some points which can be gained by completing the task in the given frame of time.

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